A few hints and tips to point you in the right direction.

Rules are made to be broken. By no means are these strict conditions, they are general observations of what works that I have discovered over the years. Feel free to swim against the tide with a few unique option that you feel work for you and we will give it a go.

The Dont’s

  • No logos

    with the exception of tiny logos that can easily be photoshopped out

  • Avoid heavy patterns

    Checked shirts and snazzy patterns are very distracting. However texture in the fabric (as long as the tones are relatively similar) can work wonders.

  • Avoid strappy tops

    With the exception of dancers (mid length shot). 10×8 headshots crop just above the chest traditionally and what you end up with are two bars wrapping around the shoulders, which feels a little cheap.

  • Be careful with high collar shirts

    With shirts make sure there is space around the neckline below the chin. If a shirt’s collar rises too high you will look like you have no neck 😉

  • Fluorescent clothing

    That bright fluorescent party top that looks lovely on you, leave it at home 😉

  • Old or worn out items

    By no means am I endorsed by Primark but we have no excuse not to bring clean fresh clothing especially since for £2.50 you can pick up the perfect V-neck or round neck deep tone top 😉 Old or faded, out of shape or bobbly jumpers however sentimental do look cheap and worn.

The Dos

  • Solid Colours

    Simple solid t-shirts, shirts, dresses and tops work best.

  • Fitted items

    Simply clothes that fit you well.

  • Dark Layers

    Dark jackets, blazers, cardigans work brilliantly at breaking up the lower part of the frame and can add complimentary shapes at the bottom of the image that can accentuate  jaw lines especially with a slightly lighter tops underneath

  • Clothes that make you feel good!

    With the exception of that old bobbly jumper, an item that makes you feel a certain way has its own charm and character so bring it 😉

The Tricks

  • Bring Layers

    I love layers in my headshots work in fact I ask every cliant to bring at least two to play with. It adds depth bring seperation and adds leading lines that can help with cropping and ultimatley lead to what matters most, the eyes. Don’t get me wrong the right tone of block colour tee shirt can look great, simple and classic however breaking up that mass of colour at the bottom of the image with a jacket or a smart blazer can elevate the feel and add a touch of class.

    This is quite important to me so even if you feel that you dont wear layers to your auditions or it’s not something you would wear in day to day life. you would be supprised how much it can add to an image. So bring a couple to play with.

    there is a common misconception that a layer (jacket) esspecially a blazer makes an actor look to offical. leaning towards it feeling corperate. this all depends on lighting and cropping and overall mood of the shots.

    Jackets for guys: Long camel coat can look amazing in a balck and white creative shot! Or similar style coat in navey blue or black.

    Layers for Girls: Black blazer, leather jacket ( not to baggie )



    If it’s that one thing you love or you just fell more comfortable in baggy clothing bring them as i do have clips to pull them in to an extent however remember headshots are traditionally cropped in above the chest and are not too figure exposing. It’s better to have clothes that fit you well as too much material can distort your appearance.


    Ok so the jury is out on this one. White on its own as in a solid white shirt overpowers and dominates the image and totally takes away from your eyes. If you have long black or blonde hair you can get away with framing the white top with you hair in front of your shoulders. Layers can work with white to soften the effect, a dark jacket or a waistcoat.

    When white works best for girls: Off-white, cream lace, Downton Abbey-style period drama attire looks lovely.


    While a black V or round-neck does look classic and has a timeless feel do bring more of a range.

Colours that work

These colours have a lovely track record of really working well. Deep tones, royal blues dark colours have a sense of class.

  • Blue or green Eyes

    To compliment your eye colour definitely bring a few tops to play with that are slightly darker then your eye colour, this can really make them pop.

Colours that don’t work

Colours that are close to skin colour I would avoid, anything that verges on the yellow, or brown, these tones blend too much and also get hidden with bricked urban backgrounds.

Colours that can work with darker layers

These colours might be a bit strong on their own but with a dark layer like a jacket, cardigan or blazer with the colour poking through can look fab!

General FAQ’s

  • Aaaarrh this is my first photo shoot!!

    Not to worry I’m here to guide you through. I aim to maintain clear and detailed communication throughout the entire process to ensure you are well equipped to get the most out of your session, especially if it’s your first headshot session. Most actors including myself don’t enjoy the process of getting their headshots taken and this is something I’ve worked very hard to ensure we get the best genuine moments possible. I’ve developed a series of ideas that help you to feel more engaged and in the moment. Giving you context that uses your imagination rather then feeling like you have to do something on top of what is actually there. I adapted my methods according to each client as different things work for different people, best thing to do is to keep an open mind and put your trust in me as much as possible. I know it’s a lot to ask however I’m confident that we will get more than enough tools for you to play with. Have a look at the testimonials page and see what others have said about their experiences if you wish.

  • Do I have to say no to that all night party the day before?

    Ummm, this is your photoshoot however turning up tired or even still a little tipsy or drunk (it has happened) from the night before will effect the energy we have to work with in your photo shoot. Even a shot or glass of wine to calm the nerves beforehand shifts your energy in a different way and you won’t look as sharp.

Ladies specifics FAQs

  • How should I do my hair and makeup?

    If you’re doing your own make-up please keep it minimal, natural, even and neutral to start with. Bring mascara, eyeliner and a few tones of lipstick to play with if this is in keeping with how you would present yourself at a casting.

  • I have chosen to have a MUA. What should I expect?

    If you have chosen the option to have a hair and makeup artist please arrive with your hair recently washed and your face clean without any makeup on. Your makeup will be applied in front of a large mirror in the studio so you can keep an eye on what’s going on at all times. There will be an opportunity to discuss with me and the MUA beforehand so we all get on the same page as far as what we wish to achieve together.

Gents specifics FAQs

  • Can I shave?

    Absolutely, there are bathroom facilities in the studio, just bring your own shaver or beard trimmer.